Aida Imaging GCON-HDMI ad301


HDMI to Genlock SDI/HDMI Converter

MSRP  444.00 (ex. VAT)

THE PERFECT CAMERA SIDEKICK – Professional HDMI Genlock Converter

The GCON-HDMI supports 1080p resolution up to 60 fps, converting HDMI sources to Genlock SDI/3G-SDI and HDMI with zero latency. While keeping the integrity of the original source feed intact, the featured Genlock Tri-Level Sync makes synchronization with other system components possible for seamless vertical interval switching between sources. The GCON-HDMI supports ancillary data in SMPTE 352 payload ID and audio and relays it through its SDI output as well. Its rugged and portable design makes GCON-SDI a perfect camera sidekick to where it’s needed most.

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Features GCON-HDMI

  • HDMI up to 1080p60 full HD Resolution Input.
  • Simultaneous SDI and HDMI Loop Output.
  • Highly compatible with Tri-Level reference input SMPTE 292M & 424M Compliant and multi-video format including 59.94Hz.
  • SMPTE 352M Ancillary Data supported.
  • Embedded audio pass-through via SDI & HDMI.
  • Adjustable V-sync & H-sync phases.
  • Divisional picture comparison.
  • Built-in Pattern Generator.
  • Built-in LCD menu screen.
  • Built-in menu control button.
  • Versatile, compact, and rugged design.
Specification Sheet GCON-HDMI
Operation Guide GCON-HDMI