Aida Imaging cuttinge edge POV cameras

AIDA Imaging manufactures professional POV and PTZ cameras. At AIDA Imaging, innovation is key to crafting their tried and tested quality imaging solutions. They strive to raise the bar by engineering and manufacturing cutting edge cameras and converters. From concept to reality, AIDA Imaging meticulously creates products that are applicable to various solutions, ranging from a casual day in the park to a professional film studio.

All AIDA Imaging devices are proudly designed in the United States and manufactured with the highest practice and quality in South Korea.

AIDA products are widely used in broadcast, live production, sports, racing, worship, theater, education, and security.


Control your camera with the VISCA Camera Control Unit and software. Get your cameras synced with genlock converters and sync generator. Or find here the right accessories.


AIDA offers HD and 4K lenses with CS mount. They perfectly fit the AIDA cameras with interchangeable lens capability. Or any other camera with CS mount.


AIDA has a range of POV cameras with HDMI and or SDI connections. Whether you want to broadcast from a studio where genlock is demanded, or record a conference with IP based PTZ cameras, or want to shoot HD, UHD or full 4K using built-in zoom lenses or interchangeable lenses with or without varifocal capability, AIDA has it: find out here which camera best suits your needs.